Friday, October 8, 2010

Reflection on the Integration Program (sample)

Reflection on the Integration Program

Nothing can really beat experience being the best teacher. I’ve been attending catholic masses before but only in this period, when I usually attending because of the course RE 107, I realize their true form of does not actually differ from us non-Catholics. Other activities are just called differently as well as some are done in different manners. For me, it’s not a big deal for non-Catholics to attend Catholic masses provided that you stick with what the teachings of Jesus Christ tell you. I’ve learned a lot in this integration program. Now I understand partly, if not all, how it is to be Catholic.
Before, I find Catholic mass boring and do not allow active participation from the people. That is because their songs are not that joyous and they usually use a guitar or an organ only as accompaniment.  Unlike during our Divine service in the Church, we have enough instruments that could make us sing loudly and really dance during our praise and worship.
Somehow I understand their means of worship through this integration program. Maybe they just prefer these slow kinds of songs but as I sing with them, I knew that deep in their hearts, these songs are imbedded, together with their full desire of worshipping the Father.
I am happy to be a part of this integration program. Though the activities are limited, it is still good since we’ve only focus unto that activity alone. It does not affect me when other people would question why I am attending Catholic masses because I understand that we mean the same things but we do it differently.

C B. E

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